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  1. Modest-Maria

    It’s a cute picture. At the first time you go to school you don’t want to and parents
    “force” you but when the time pass you like to go because you have friends and have a chance to make what you like so moms notice you are doing your life and feels like they are out of that. My mother is so sad when i have to leave Monclova to come to ITS every semester.

  2. I totally agree with you and I sort of understand how your mom feels. I mean, I’m definitely not a mother but I think it must be very hard to see your children leave home, whatever the reason. BTW (BY THE WAY), don’t forget to include your class number when posting on this blog.

  3. Kind Kassandra

    Okay, I think that’s a real life situation. In the first picture we can see a mom trying to make her son go to school (OMG! that’s a classic) like: Please leave!; and then we can see the same mom now trying to make him stay home. I think that’s because of the normal parent-offspring concern…Now, I couldn’t tell that I know everything about it, ’cause I don’t, I’m not a parent yet…thank god!,but, as a family daughter, I always try to understand that attitude they take with us as their “children”, because it’s normal to be concerned, I guess.
    And yeah, of course I’ve been on a similar situation before.

  4. Enthusiastic Emmanuel 505

    Oh the irony! well I think that we should learn to enjoy every part of life and never forget that for mother’s we’ll be always their little son’s.

  5. Modest-Maria 602

    Thanks for the reply, I forgot write my class number

  6. noble-nancy 505

    hahaha, I completly agree with this picture!, that´s a real classic life situation, I mean first we are obligated to going to school and then parents don’t want to leave us…. who understand them? in fact I think it’s the natural cycle of life and all of us have to live it the best way possible.

  7. Old Oscar 505 XD

    Hi teacher, I think that this picture is totally true, because something very similar happened in my life. When I first started in kindergarden I cried a lot because I wanted to go with my mom, Then 15 year later, when I started college my mom cried a lot!!!. She said that she cried because she remembered my first day in kindergarden and because her little boy had become in an Old Men, and she also cries every time she remember that day.

    Bye teacher (Tschüss) .

    • Moody Maridel 602

      Hi! old oscar i guess you forgot the letter S in year and you wrote men instead of man 🙂

  8. Alone-Alejandro 505

    is not my situation, I only had seen things like this in american movies when the sons go to university and the fathers get sad, because their sons have to travel and live in the university, i think this happen only with the foreign students, in my situation i come back all the afternoons to my house

    • Curious Carlos 602

      Hi Alone Alejandro! I think you should start with “It’s” instead of “is” and write “parents” instead of “fathers” 🙂

  9. Sociable Sergio 602

    It’s a nice picture. It describes what really happen in the life of a student, I mean, when u R a child you don’t want to leave your mummy, you want to stay in your house and wacth cartoons. However, there’s a time when you grow up and u have to go to the university, and when that happens your mom feels sad and worried about u. she don’t wanna let u go, she’s still thinkin’ you are her little boy/girl. It’s an ironic picture. I think everybody will like picture’s situation.

  10. True story!!. The behavior of the mother is totally understandable, but is not just her, all the parents do that. We have to consider that our parents, in a certain way, live their lives through our eyes, what I am trying to say is that every time that we tell them how our day was, that makes them feel them younger (our good and bad experiences that is what I am talking about). Once we leave home (for example going to the college), that stops happening and trying to overcome the reality is difficult for most of them. But this is part of the life, so my final comment is that one day we will play the other role(parent’s role).XD

  11. ActiveAlan603

    Haha that’s funny, happened to me when I was a little kid back in kindergarten. The feeling of seeing your mom leave is the worst!

  12. Hi teacher, I m not only discrete daniel, in internet known as Daniel of Oz.
    Ok with respect of the picture, I think is very funny and sample the true because when I was a boy this scene was repeated a lot in my school days, but now is the same as the lad of mp3

  13. yielding-yadileth

    well we can see it like a joke in part but its a so real situation too are not ur case thanks god we can stand on your carrers and also see ur family or people what u love. god bless u guys. 😉

  14. Marvelous Mario 505

    hahaha that happened to me last week xD, joke, I guess that happens when your mom concerns about you, when she knows she’ll miss you, is a sign of love to you, so you should try to be accesible to her and understand the situation, be nice and love your relatives as they love you, and above all, always try to be close to them, dont miss the bonds among you and the people you love, well, it’s a nice pic, i saw it before and now that i see it again i cant stop laughing again xD thanks for giving us the chance to join your blog 😀

  15. honest hernan 505

    that is a true story! because when you was a little child u do not want to go to school. but once u are more older you want to see ure friends everyday to make jokes o just to talk and obviously also to learn something about you carrer.

    • Sociable Sergio 602

      Hi Honest Hernan. You have some mistakes in your text. First ,you write “more older”, remember you are talking about comparatives and when we use comparatives we add “er” to the adjectives. If the adjective is more than 3 syllables we use “more”, in this case old have 1 syllable and we add only “er”. Second, you put “jokes o just”. I think you mean “jokes or just”. Well, that’s all, have a good night. By: Sociable Sergio 602

  16. Dangerous Daniel 602

    I think that this picture shows a funny but also a real situation. The first picture shows a boy that don´t want to go to school and I think that almost all had a moment like this because how we were kids we don´t wanna go with people that we didn´t know and the second picture shows a young man going to the college and now the mom didn´t want to let his son go to the school. So, in my opinion you should enjoy every moment you have with the people you love.

  17. I think that this picture is a very common situation. I always like go to school but when my brother was small my mom forced him to go to school. Now my mom is so happy because my brothers and I go home (Parras) every Fridays and we work in the family business. But she is so sad the Sundays in the afternoon because we have to return to Saltillo.

  18. Charismatic-Cristina

    Well, i think this is something that most of us go when we want small separate from our mothers and then they are the ones who want to spend more time with them, nice picture

  19. Enthusiastic Enrique 505

    Yup, that happens when you become older, you’ll reach a moment that you’ll need t live in another place and be far from family, is like fly away

  20. Abstract Abel

    It’s an ironic and funny image, I think most of us, as students, we have been in one of those situations, I prefer the first picture and I admit that sometimes hated going to school …

  21. NiceNallely

    I believe that only the first part of the photo is true because when we’re kids just want to be home with our mothers (also too) but in the second part I believe that when children go to college mothers are glad to see that one day their children will have a future.

  22. Amazing- Alma 602

    Its Funny because that metaphorically happens. Maybe when our moms see us all day (vacations) she stress, but when we come to school, she miss us. It could be the answer why our moms dont like we stay more time in school than home. 🙂

  23. Moody Maridel 602

    This picture remind me my situation before coming to Saltillo. It´s kind of funny, because it is what really happens. At first, you don´t want to go to school because is unfamiliar to you but as time passes you get used to it, and parents can not fight the fact that we´re growing up and making our own lifes but they keep thinking that we´re their babies anyway.

  24. Dark Daniel505

    its a funny picture, and thats true, i don’t remember very well my first day in the elementary school but i wash sad, maybe nervous. now i go to the college and my mom say me be careful eat and wear sweater haha, a fun experience

  25. daring diego

    well, the picture shows a common situation in these days. however i think it’s a path life we need to endure and with the pass of time we realize that it’s worth!!!

  26. Energetic Eduardo 505

    In this picture we see part of the stages of our lives, when we started our first academic rather stay at home with our parents but as time goes by we became friends and we are more comfortable with them and spent less time with our family.

  27. Fast Fernando 602

    haha this picture reminds me my childhood when i was in kinder garden and de primary school, i was not enthusiastic with go to school, but when we grow up the mothers miss that moments, in this times we are not a kids anymore and the mothers feels nostalgic when they remember that old times hahaha

    • Enthusiastic Emmanuel 505

      Hey what’s up? well I just wanted to say that I see some kind of mistakes at your comment I think you should write “the” instead of “de” also “elementary school” instead of “primary school” and at the last part where you wrote “and the mothers feels nostalgic” I think the “feels” go without the “s”

  28. Serious Cesar

    Sad but true, but in my case until in the university mi mom always send to me using the force

  29. messy mariano

    the harsh reality ! haha

  30. intelligent isaac

    i think that is funny and is a reality. i from zaragoza coahuila and always happened a similar thing

  31. awesome armando 505

    i think that is the typical scene of the mother trying that her son go to the school,and i was of the same way because i didn’t like leave my house.. but now it’s so diferent because my mom try that i come back to my house because she can’t see me and i see her every month because i am from monclova…

  32. Jaunty-Javier 602

    Totally agree. At the picture one we can see a mom trying to make her son enter to school like everyone when we was a children haha (True Story) and in the second picture we can see a mom crying because her son go to the college. When we are this years usually happened this because we want know new experiences and have new friends, etc. In my opinion always happen similar things and I lived a similar situation, first When I was a child I didn’t want go to school and now I love the ITS.

  33. Disciplined-Diana 505

    haha this picture its funny i remember when i was a little girl all the time i was crying because i didn’t want go to the school and my mom told me “come on princess everything will be okay” 🙂 haha is good to remember because it’s all so different now.

  34. AmazingAldo 505

    I think that when we are little kids we prefer to stay at home and watch cartoons on tv or play with our toys than go to school. But when we grow up we realize that we have to study, we have to learn new things, we want to explore the life, and that’s why we want to go to college when we are older.

  35. Jolly~Johana

    It’s a nice and funny picture! the first: well, it’s so real, a “scary” kid, but just for a few minutes…maybe, hahhaha 😛
    & 2nd: It’s lovely, but sometimes, the majority of parents do not want to have their children at home …((all day))

  36. LovelyLaura602

    I totally agree with this scene, because almost everyone is afraid or the fist day at School, maybe we don´t know anybody else, and we ask ourselves what about new friends or new teachers. Also most of the time the fist Day at school we think: i want more Vacations.
    But at the College we need to do many things that we don´t spend many time at Home. so our Parents miss us


    • NiceNallely 602

      I´m totally agree with you
      always want to go to school to see our friends
      but of course at the college have more responsibilities but sometimes we spent so much time in school thah sometimes we don´t want to go LOL!

      and forgot to put your class name and class number
        instead of all your name

      • terrible-toby 603

        i had a little mistake with my name, but i will correct it, 😉

  38. Alternative-Alberto 602

    I dont remember very well my first day of school, but my mother told me that i didnt cry or try to stay in home or outside the school although i was very sad, also told me that she stayed outside looking at me and she started to cry. Or at least is what she says.

  39. Amazing Abraham 602

    it’s a very common situation when you went to the elementary school, I saw this drama in my first day on the elementary, but for me wasn’t a problem cuz a was lived in front of the school XD. BTW the other situation is more common when you go to study in another city front my point of view.

  40. amazing armando

    is a true history because when i was in school the first day was terrible and i missed my mom but in college the first day was very funny

  41. Jolly~Johana

    Sorry! I forgot write my class number: 602

  42. educated-edith

    it´s very funny this picture, because it’s the story of many students, for my parents, if I do more things for my personal growth, good for them.

    thanks for your availability, with a little more for our learning.

    I hope you have me a little patience, I feel much panic speak English

  43. Hi teacher, I m not only discrete daniel, in internet known as Daniel of Oz.
    Ok with respect of the picture, I think is very funny and sample the true because when I was a boy this scene was repeated a lot in my school days, but now is the same as the lad of mp3

  44. differen denisse 602

    The first picture remind me when i was four years and i cried in my first day of school and the second picture remind me my mom when I had to leave my family in Monclova to come to study in Saltillo.

    • terrible-toby 603

      would be nice to erase our posts when we have a mistake 🙂

  45. different denisse 602

    Sorry i forget the letter T in my nickname… because i’m different

  46. different denisse 602

    The first picture remind me when i was four years and i cried in my first day of shcool and the second picture remind me my mom when I had to leave my family in Monclova to come to study in Saltillo.

  47. Awesome antonio 602

    This picture is very familiar for me because in the first part describe exactly my first day in the school, i felt with scary and care, meantime in the second part come 3 years ago, although i live here and see every days.
    For me, each start the semester is the same.

  48. Dynamic David

    I’d really like to say that it sucks when mom does that, but i rather have her loving me and worring about me than just not caring at all. Being part of a family really is the best thing you can possibly have, and i wouldn’t change a thing about them. Going to college is a really big step, now imagine what our parents feel when they see us walk out the door.

    • Dangerous Daniel 602

      Hi DynamicDavid, I see one mistake in your comment. Insted of I rather is I would rather and that´s the mistake I see.
      See you later Dynamic David

  49. Kind Kassandra 602

    Hi! just passing thru very fast to make a correction for: Awesome Antonio class 602.
    I think this: “I live here and see every days”
    Should be like: “I live here, and see (her/them) EVERYDAY.
    That’s all.

  50. joyful joel

    hi teacher !
    i think this picture it´s real because it happended to me when i get accepted in the ITS
    my mother was crying and singing like the commercial of the ID
    i hope this semester have a lot of succes and i really wolud like this semester be more easiest
    see you

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