Hi again!!! As you all may remember today in class we discussed what kind of problems teenagers are mostly concerend about. And though some of your suggestions are quite right. I’d like you to check out this video. And come up with as many other issues that teenagers face today. In our class we talked about acne, weight, and emotional issues. But what other problems can you see in this video? The song is very nice, the lyrics are simple, but the imagery could be a bit disturbing, so watch it from a mature point of view and comment about it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here if you need the LYRICS.


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  1. educated edith 505

    is the situation of many people who have psychological problems, Mental disorders, which are no good about themselves, They tried to be like someone else, ir people who never received the attention, Or just going astray. And needs help

  2. Marvelous Mario 505

    In the video I could see some problems caused by the bad education from the parents. As eating disorders, depression, prostitution, intrafamiliar violence, bullying, etc… Every of these problems can affect even destroy your life, I guess we can avoid these kind of situations educating well the people since they’re young, because the society has a lot of problems to offer to today’s children. At the end of the video we can see a happy family, so the artist try to tell us that the key to prevent these problems is inside the family.

  3. Alone-Alejandro 505

    I think this video try to show many problems of the society and the impact of the actions you did when you were young. I think this problems only have a one guilty, and this are you, because if you live intrafamiliar violence or you live in a troubled neighborhood it not meaning you will be a people with mental disorders. And I think all depends of your actions.

  4. honest hernan 505

    in this video I see many problems affecting young people, like as drug addiction or pregnancy at early age, too young not find jobs or opportunities to have a good future.

    how teh dreams thath young people have are breaking, but in my opinion this is the reality the problems are always going to be there. everey day you have a diferent problem o easy one o hard one but you can beat it. if you just take a sit to see them you going to be at hole for all your life ,

  5. Energetic Eduardo 505

    In the video you see some problems as teenage pregnancy, drugs, prostitution, domestic violence, etc … All these problems just with your life, so it can be corrected if it had grown in a more responsible, where your parents instill values​​, lest you suffer these problems, believe it or not there are people that actually if you have these problems.

  6. discretdaniel

    The video is very cool, and sample the true problem of the all world, when you have many family´s problems, more that usually, in the future you will have to take out that stress somehow, and that way arrived drugs or alcohol or other thing as obesity or case contrary bulimia.
    These problem in adult life, become are people who in many cases are people with low morale.

  7. disciplineddiana

    i don’t like this video, i think is sad to see how the people have a many problems like these images showing the video. Unfortunately are true, this would not happen if we are educated from childhood in a family atmosphere, with values​​, learn to be responsible

  8. Enthusiastic-Emmanuel 505

    The vdeo showed some of the problems teenagers face but what really caught my attention was the title: “The Kids Aren’t Alright”. Because its true! what is going on with kids these days!?
    When I was a kid I don’t care about what people think of me I just wanted to play with my firends and that’s it.
    But now they want to grow up so fast and be like an adult person but they think that being an adult means to smoke and have the lastest iphone or get drunk and that kind of stuff.
    I think the real problem is comunication and that the parents need to say “NO” most often.

  9. swee cytnhia

    the video show us how we are living today, there are so many problems like drugs, pregnancy, violence, addctions, and are most common in young people but they dont really know how to face those problems so they fall into depression or other problems

  10. messi mariano

    This video shows many of the problems that can face young, but I think all this can be avoided with a strong family and good friends.

  11. Charismatic-Cristina

    i think in this video they want to say all the problems that people have the drugs, alcohol alimentary problems, depress, parents that only work, work and work and the children are alone, the young pregnancy and i thing they do this video to try to do something to make better our society

  12. old oscar 505

    A lot of my friends, that were with me in elementary school , they didn´t study high school, because they couldn’t pay, or maybe because now they are married. Nowdays many teen can´t follow their childhood dreams because they have many problems such as adictions(alcoholism, durgs…), pregnacy, or maybe they are part of any gang.
    Every day the fifty percent of teens are in drugs or they are part of gangs. This percentage is a serious problem, we should think about what can we do in order to help teens to solve those problems

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