Level 6 Video Project I

Hi guys! As you all should know, it is time for your firt video project. The purpose of this assignment is to use English outside the classroom in order to practice what you know and show off your creativity to make a spoof video about popular song lines put into a conversation. Here’s an example…

Remember though; your parody must be centered on crime or its effects on society. Use lines from different songs and make sure that you speak english all the way through… before the video shoot, during the video shoot and after the video shoot.

Here’s a list of some songs you might like to consider…

Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

Where is the Love? – Black-eyed Peas

Ghetto – Akon

Violence – Bif Naked

Man Down – Rhianna

Simple Plan – Crazy

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

Stan – Eminem

Stole – Kelly Rowland

Crime Pays – Bear Hands

Cellblock Tango – Chicago ‘The Musical’


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  1. Optimistic Omar

    Hello teacher! I have a quiestion, do we have to post the video link here?

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