Class 505 Midterm Test Stats

Hi guys!!! I hope y’all had a great Easter Break. But now it’s time to get back to business. 

So, here’s the activity that I promised you; it is a reflection that you have to write about your own performance during the first half of the semester. To help you with it, I made some statistics based on your midterm exams. Check out these statistics and comment what you think about the results, how well you think you did and what we could do to  improve and make this class even better.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Monday, ready for another round of grammar, class discussions and fun!

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  1. yieldingyadileth

    this are a good results in our first part of semester, and i hope improve in the exam of final term.

    • Hi Yadileth! Allow me to say that in your case, THESE are probably good results but only because you were one of the highest students. And yes we can all improve FOR the final term exam, but what do you think about the results as a whole class?

      • yieldingyadielth505

        well yes, its a bad results, but that does not mean that we will to disappoint; Mr. Negrete is giving us exactly what is the area we need to improve to get a good result the next time, so go ahead guys.

  2. I wanted to get a better score, I thought I could pass the test with at least 90. The class is fun and interesting, I just want to have more ability to learn, I say this because I see others that this is his first time at this level and are very good.
    To me they do not have to change anything, I like the class.

    • Hi Daniel! I believe you are actually doing well, but I do recommend you not to compare yourself to others because everyone learns differently. It’s just up to you to make a difference in getting better. So, keep up the good work and you will eventually reach that goal.

      • Admittedly, I have a bad habit of comparing myself with others, I really do not know what the reason is, I just know that I do all the time, although I know it improve up depends of my.

  3. Marvelous Mario 505

    Well, these are bad stadistics, half of the group is in the risk to not pass this level, it’s dissapointing to see these tables and everything, what we need to do to improve the results of our classmates is to try to make the class more interesting to our partners. Make our friends to like studying and to be interested on learning even more and more.
    In my opinion, I did well this half-semester, but I think I could be even better in the class, I’m trying to put all my effort to do it, well.. see you tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Mario! I’m glad you can reflect on how much you and your classmates can do to improve your English communication skills; that is the exact purpose of this class – to make each one of you realize your own potential and motivate you all to make your best effort in becoming an independent english learner. You are doing great! Keep it up kiddo!

  4. AmazingAldo 505

    I think that in this first half of the semester I did’t put all the attention that an english class deserves , but actually I think I did pretty well. My name is on the highest scores list so I feel very good with that.
    In the rest of the semester I’m going to be more commited with this class because learn another language is a very important part of our lives nowadays.
    The class is awesome, the teacher is amazing and my classmates are great. So it’s not necessary to change something.

    • Hi Aldo! You are indeed one of the top students so far and a very nice one too. But I don’t think that your problem is not paying attention in class. The real issue is that you and everyone else need to start seeing English as part of your lives and not just as another class that must be passed. So, my advice to you is to use this language as much as possible and you will eventyally get better.

  5. Alone-Alejandro 505

    The statistics shows a very bad results I think if we give more time to practice english, we can do it better. I think I obtained the worst score of the class,maybe I won’t pass the level but I won’t give up .So, I hope in the next exam we will do it better.

    • Hi Alex! I’m glad to read that you will keep working hard to improve your English. But to be honest, you are not the one with the lowest score. There are three other students that scored even lower. In fact, I think you are a good student and I have liked your participation in class. This result only means that you have to kee practicing as much as possible to get better.

  6. Enthusiastic-Emmanuel 505

    Well, that sucks. I mean yes I was on the top scores list but that means that the highest score was below 90 so, actually we are not so good as we thought. I’m not saying that we are so bad but we can do better, we just need to focus and take english as a way of life.

  7. Enthusiastic Enrique 505

    Ok teacher, i will improve my results, beacuase i want to learn english, i really want.
    We need to make a real effort, we can do it, we will be the best group

  8. RoughRoberto505

    Hi teacher, I think this is a very interesting way to show us which are the areas where we need to improve. The class is very good! so I think the only mistake is our attitude, we need to improve our skills applyng the english outside the classroom.

    Thanks for show us another way to learn english! This is the best method I’ve had in life!

  9. Energetic Eduardo 505

    Statistics show very bad results so I have to spend more time on English to improve some aspects. I did not get a good test score. So in the next review I will make a better effort.

  10. noble-nancy 505

    Well, I think that obviously the results are not good. I mean it´s a fact that there is a general problem and I daresay the problem is about lack of commitment, I think we can do it better if we start thinking more seriously about english and trying to prove the others english is more than a language.

  11. DarkDaniel_505

    i think, we need to pay attention no only in the class, pay attention in the movies, in the music and other things that can help us to learn better the english.
    it is important to talk in the group, work in teams and use more the english to practice our improve. that is not a bad results, is only a way to know how we are in the class.good luck.

  12. Disciplined-Diana 505

    I’m feel so sad and dissapointed with my score! Really we need to pay more attention and don’t take this class like a game, We should to try practice more and put responsibility and attitude.

    • Hey Diana!!! Well, I believe that you actually have a good level, but in order to master a language you must practice it as much as possible. Think about how long you’ve studied Spanish…. All your life right!!! Well, that’s how it works with English too. You need to make it a part of your daily routine.

  13. Hi teacher, I think that these statistics are very interesting, because sometimes we think that we understood everything in class,but at the test it isn´t true at all. And I realize that is true when you said that we should practice not only in the classroom or with our classmates, we have to practice outside the classroom, because I´m sure that “practice makes perfect”

  14. intelligent_isaac

    hello, i think that he is also with you, tengo the same major and the superior of that a can do, to can take more seriusly

    • intelligent_isaac

      hi teacher this comment isn`t my oficial comment just ignore hahaha sorry

      • intelligent_isaac

        hi teacher I just wanna say that the main reason about these results is because we think that the english is just one more class, but that it is not. We need pay more attention, and practice our english after to the class in our houses with tv programs, books, music and another thing that we usually use.

  15. intelligent_isaac

    hi teacher I just wanna say that the main reason about these results is because we think that the english is just one more class, but that it is not. We need pay more attention, and practice our english after to the class in our houses with tv programs, books, music and another thing that we usually use.

  16. awesome armando 505

    Hi teacher I think that it’s so good that we can see the stadistics because we know where we have to be better. I think that we need pay attention for don’t worry in the next test. We must practice english everywhere and have a good attitude.

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