Class 602 Midterm Test Stats

Hi guys!!! I hope y’all had a great Easter Break. But now it’s time to get back to business. 

So, here’s the activity that I promised you; it is a reflection that you have to write about your own performance during the first half of the semester. To help you with it, I made some statistics based on your midterm exams. Check out these statistics and comment what you think about the results, how well you think you did and what we could do to  improve and make this class even better.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Monday, ready for another round of grammar, class discussions and fun!

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  1. amazing_abraham602

    honestly better than expected 😀

  2. Dangerous Daniel 602

    Well, I´m very surprised for the scores and I think that the most difficult part of the test was grammar because there were some words I didn´t know and for that reason I didn´t know if the sentence was right.
    However, I believe that if we studied harder for the next test, we would pass this course.

    • Hey Daniel! You are so right! A limited vocabulary is one of the most common reasons for which students fail the TOEFL exam. So, what do you think you could do to improve your vocabulary?

  3. fast fernando 602

    well, i think i could do this test in a better way, but i can always improve, only keep studying and working hard, and the next time i will get a better score

  4. Optimistic omar

    I didn’t find my name in the list.

  5. Empathic Enrique

    It´s the best way to demonstrate that: “the best way to impruve ourselves it´s by impruving the idea of our own capavility”. As you been telling us since the begining

  6. Kind Kassandra 602

    We have 2 more months like you said teacher…
    What can we do with that time?…well, it’s all up to ourselves.
    I believe that we can IMPROVE if we dedicate time to this, that’s what WE CAN actually DO, we can spend time trying to improve right now, but we get a commitment once we decide to pass this class, and have a paper with a great or good score on it, THAT IS: We must dedicate studying english for life, and always try to improve and refresh the language.
    That’s a big deal from my point of view. Once somebody say: hey! You CAN speak english, it’s because you actually do, know what I’m sayin’?
    So, no matter what happens at the end of this course, I know that every single one of us need to strive to improve, and personally I hope that we all can make it, I know we can make it, just need some effort.
    Oh,oh…Allright, after the inspirational speech that I just wrote, just want to say:
    Somebody said one day: “Practice makes Masters”…well, he definetely knew why he said that.
    Heartily, Kassy.

  7. Well, I will be honest.. When I saw that my results were bad, I felt discouraged :(.. But now I think that: If I want to improve, I can :D!
    The secret to improve is: take a positive attitude, learn of mistakes, practice at all times: read, watch videos, speak, listen, do exercises in home and in the net, do daily exercises similar to the test and always work hard!

  8. MoodyMaridel602

    This way of showing results is really good ´cause with this we can focus
    on our weakness in english. But to be honest, I didn´t expected my results
    to be like that, but well, we still have two months to improve our english
    and get a better score, I won´t give up.

  9. daring_diego 602

    Well, i think that everbody need to improve certain skills.In my case i have to improve my listening,so i will start to watch movies,tv shows, songs,news,and so on, in english as much as i can. I think we have enough time to improve, and i hope to do it better the next time.

  10. decent david 602

    In my personal opinionthis these statics are so useful because in this way we really know our weaknesses and strengths.So, we must to keep improving our english.

  11. Curious Carlos 602

    I like the way of showing the results, it’s very detailed on what things we can improve and what score we got as group. I know I have to improve everything and I have 2 months to pass this level and all my life to learn English well.

  12. LovelyLaura602

    I think this is a good way to show us our opportunity areas so we can improve in a specific area.
    “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
    ― George Bernard Shaw

  13. amazing_abraham602

    Since the beginning of the semester I´ve been noticed that our english skills have been rising. I understand and distinguish more in conversations or dialogues of movies more than before, but I still need more grammar and vocabulary, there are things that I still don´t understand.
    I think that another important part to reinforce is the speaking, we need to spend more time on learning english…so we can do it 😉

  14. Sociable Sergio 602

    The results are good for some people and for other people they are not so good.
    A person who has a high score in a TOEFL exam has a lot of opportunities in its life and in its job. I have to improve my skills in English. Since today I will practice English all the time. If I want to pass the course I need to improve a lot. It’s my first TOEFL and I didn’t expected a high score, anyways this result it’s not enough for me. The English course will be a priority for me.
    “When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder.”
    -Natalie Gulbis

  15. Jaunty Javier602

    I was surprised when I saw the results well I knew that I will not get a good score but I never think that I get a low score because It´s the first time that I present the TOEFL exam however if I want pass this course I need practice my grammar, reading and listening.

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