Class 603 Midterm Test Stats

Hi guys!!! I hope y’all had a great Easter Break. But now it’s time to get back to business. 

So, here’s the activity that I promised you; it is a reflection that you have to write about your own performance during the first half of the semester. To help you with it, I made some statistics based on your midterm exams. Check out these statistics and comment what you think about the results, how well you think you did and what we could do to  improve and make this class even better.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Monday, ready for another round of grammar, class discussions and fun!

(You may click on the pictures to view them on a different window)



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  1. ActiveAlan603

    Oh my God! I’m speechless. However, I’m very surprised that I got one of the highest scores, it was a really tough test.

  2. Dynamic David

    Well, I gotta say that the listening part was pretty fun, while the reading part…not so much. Looking forward onto the next one!

  3. Abstract Abel 603

    I think that we have time to improve, this course isn’t finished.

  4. terribletoby603

    my results are not as i would have liked, but i need to study and practice more, because that will improve my results and learn more english

  5. amazingarmando

    I think that the reading part was too complicated and I think that I should change careers lol

  6. PeacefulPedro603

    Well… now I know that I need to study and practice more my english.

  7. jolly joel

    I think the exam was a kind difficult for the time and I think I have to do my best

  8. gentlemangerry

    well i think think that i need to listen more songs, tv and all that to practice, and get a highest score

  9. Enthusiastic Eduardo

    Well, the grammar was the worst part of the exam, I suffered with that. I liked the listening part. I hope to get a good grade on the next one.

  10. Awesome Ari

    When I saw the results I felt so disappointed.. but anyway I want to learn more, I want to improve my knowledge.. I really want to pass the level, I’ll try to do better on the next test.

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