Welcome back to school!!!

Welcome Back!!! (ITS: 602 & 603)

Hi guys! I’m very happy to have the opportunity of being your teacher this semester. I know it will be a very productive one and hopefully you will learn a lot of new things and reinforce your previous knowledge of the English Language. We only have about 15 weeks to do the best possible so you can score at least 550 points on the final TOEFL exam. But worry not! I will try my best to provide you with the right tools and activities to help you improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. This of course requires a lot of effort, and dedication from my part so I expect you to do the same. And as the semester passes, you will see how working together you will develop an essential skill that we all need to improve: Individual Learning.

What this basically means is that I will be a facilitator, a monitor and an assessor of your improvement. So, at the end of the semester, you will only be as good as you decide to be based on your commitment to this class.

The blog will serve us as a resource website to keep track of the program and tasks that we will do in the classroom so that we all have a clear idea of what the objectives for each week are.

It will also help you out as a go-to site whenever you are absent so you can get back on track and never miss out on the content that is being covered at school.

Week 1

Monday: Orientation and mingling.

=> Pick your class name: name that will be used in class for different online and offline activities.

=> Play bumper cars (mingling activity): game to have students interact and get to know their classmates.

=> Orientation (Part One): Class presentation about the social media, applications and websites that will be used during the course. [You may download this presentation from the documents folder on this blog]

Tuesday: Orientation and Speed-mingle.

=> Formal Enrollment: Make a list of students that are officially enrolled in this class.

=> Speed-mingle activity: Activity to continue getting to know your classmates.

=> Presentation guide to subscribe to the different websites that will be used during the semester.

[You may download this presentation from the documents folder on this blog]

Wednesday:TOEFL exam part I.

=> Listening and Structure parts of the TOEFL diagnostic exam.

Thursday: TOEFL exam part II.

=> Reading part of the TOEFL diagnostic exam.

Friday: Multiple Inteligence Questionnaire.

=> Questinnaire to find out what type of learner you are. [Download this document] [view instructions on the wiki]

Saturday: Online orientation [09:00-10:30 am]

=> Skype and facebook chat for those who may need extra help on any of the activities or homeworks.

Sunday: Class Expectations Video. 

=>Short video clip about your expectations for this semester. [View instructions on the wiki]

This week’s cartoon:

ENSE: Grad. Diploma (Homeworks)



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