ITS LEVEL 6: Second Week Program.

Monday September 02 – Sunday September 08

vocabulary cartoon

Hi guys! The first week of this class was all about getting to know the main aspects of the course and meeting your new classmates and teacher. This time, you will get to know how we will be working on incrementing your vocabulary as well as practicing your grammar and reading skills. We will also have the opportunity to reflect on your TOEFL scores and the Multiple Intelligence Test in order to set a stepping stone in your commitment to this class and improving your English communication skills. So, without further ado, this is what the program for this week looks like:

Monday September 02:

E-portfolios, Vocabulary, Class Journals / Module 1 Start up.

=> Play Questions Only.

=> Quick review on how to create an E-portfolio on Skydrive or Google Drive.

=> Presentation and Explanation of the Vocabulary Builder technique that will be used to expand your vocabulary.

=> Module 1 Start Up (Discussion about Module 1 Contents): Page 7. =

Tuesday September 03:

Module 1, Lesson 1- Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar A.

=>  Speed-chat about reading strategies.

=> Quick explanation of reading strategies; skimming & scanning.

=> Reading exercise on pages 8 & 9.

=> Follow up activities on page 10 & 11.

Wednesday September 04:

Module 1, Lesson 1 – Listening, Vocabulary & Grammar A.

=> Word Fishing (A vocabulary game to practice listening).

=> Listening Activities on pages 12 & 13.

=> Quick spelling contest.

Thursday September 05:

Module 1, Lesson 1 – Speaking Practice / TOEFL & Multiple Intelligence Test Reflections.

=> Play Questions Only (A game to practice questions and improvisation).

=> Speaking exercise on pages 14 & 15.

=> TOEFL & Multiple Intelligence Test Reflections (Discussion about test results).

Friday September 06:

Class Journal & Vocabulary.

=> Go to Mr Negretes’s Its Wiki and type a short paragraph in your Class Journal about your experience in class this week.

=> Update your Vocabulary Builder with all the words you collected during the week.

Saturday September 07:

Skype / FB Orientation (10:00 – 11:30 am).

=> Remember; this orientation is given to those who may have any questions or doubts about class topics, activities or homework.

Sunday September 08:

Class expectations & Socrative Quiz 1.

=> Check out Mr Negretes’s Its Wiki for instructions on this activity.


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